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After going to all the trouble of manually copying and pasting text from Mac Notes to Joplin (hours) I find out that links are not clickable. It's not the end of the world, but I must say this is very annoying.

I see this is an issue that goes way back, by looking at other posts.

If anybody has a new solution, please share.

What editor are you using? If you are using the rich-text editor it is CTRL+CLICK.

You know @tomatitotarifa, "all the trouble" and "(hours)" could be seen as an accusation, as if it was somebody else's fault, and such rarely gathers a lot of support when you start a support request.

To answer your questions, more information might be needed.
Did you just copy/paste, copy/paste as text (or without formatting) ?
And - what dpoulton meant - if you put your cursor inside the word or phrase where you are expecting a link and then do a -click or a - K, the link comes up.

You are correct, thank you for pointing that out. However, it is a strange behavior not being able to just click on a link just as everywhere else. The links were pasted from Mac Notes.

Someone just mentioned to do Ctr+Clck. That's an acceptable solution, but again, not sure why it is implemented like this. Not sure what you mean by "do a -click or a - K".

Thanks again

Just wan

I think it's likely because otherwise you wouldn't be able to edit the links easily (as clicking would always result in opening them). I personally would prefer to be at least able to open them through the right-click menu (which isn't possible currently, as selecting Open... there does absolutely nothing) or maybe open them upon a double-click (similarly to what applications like Notepad++ do). This way, it would be possible to easily open them with a mouse only (and on a touch screen as well).

Just for the record, this is all about the Rich Text editor.

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Thank you. I'm trying to find where to get rid of rich text and use normal text, but don't know if that's possible.

Sorry fr the typo, I meant
the keyboard shortcut ctrl-K (with the cursor in the right position).

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