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Node.js TiddlyWiki to Joplin - With Wiki-links

I documented my data migration from TiddlyWiki to Joplin at http://kleinfelter.com/nodejs-tiddlywiki-to-joplin. You may find this useful if you meet some of the following:

  • You’d like to convert from TiddlyWiki to Joplin
  • Your TiddlyWiki runs as a node.js or an HTML app
  • You have lots of intra-wiki links in your TiddlyWiki. (The other conversions I found did not deal with this.)

You may find it useful even if you don’t use TiddlyWiki if you want to enter internal links as

[[Note Title Here]]

instead of

(Note Title Here)[:/NOTE_GUID_HERE]

I’m thinking of setting up a scheduled task (or maybe a trigger) to run the internal-link conversion script periodically. I really prefer

[[Note Title Here]]


(Note Title Here)[:/NOTE_GUID_HERE]

You won’t be able to use my doc as a step-by-step for your own conversion but you may find it helpful if you’re attempting your own complex conversion.

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