Migrate Evernote personal-wiki to Joplin

Hi there, loving Joplin so far!

I had/have a personal wiki in Evernote which am porting over to live in Joplin.

I knocked up something in python which uses the Joplin API to globally-search-and-replace my evernote links with Joplin links. Popping it here in case it’s useful to anyone


This looks super useful. I haven’t used Evernote all that much but i love the idea that people are creating scripts to make moving to Joplin so much better.

Although, any way you could allow the user to pass their notes as arguments or even add a recursive feature so it doesn’t require the user to edit the script and add a --token flag or something?

Sure, that's a good idea and easy enough. Thanks for the idea! :slight_smile:

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This is now done and pushed up to github.

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