Import Dokuwiki?

is it possible to import my dokuwiki into joplin ?
I want to migrate and only use joplin but I have many notes and pages in dokuwiki.

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I second this.
Personally, I write a note to Joplin, and then add it to dokuwiki later.
It would be great if there were a way to add it automatically.

I've never heard of dokuwiki before now so forgive me if none of this is accurate or useful :sweat_smile:

Before you see it rendered, all the markdown is converted into HTML (in fact markdown is really just HTML shorthand as far as I know) so you could use that as a go between? I haven't looked into the specifics but it looks like both Joplin and dokuwiki can export/import HTML, though this looks like a pretty manual process either way...

That said, Joplin does have a very active plugin community, so maybe someone can make that for you if you ask nicely?

Apologies I couldn't be more specific bit I hope this is a good starting point for you :blush: