No Synchronization Activity Whatsoever

  • The version you are using. 1.0224

  • The operating system you are using. Windows 10 x64

Issue: Joplin does not synchronize at all.
Configuration is set for OneNote;
OneNote has been authenticated;
Synchronization status lists all items as 0/n;
The synchronization button does not appear to have any affect;
Left running overnight in case it was working slowly.


I guess you mean OneDrive and not OneNote?
Are you using an OneDrive for Business account? OneDrive for Business is currently not supported.

The log functionality does not appear to work. I created the flags.txt in the appropriate location with the appropriate text, but nothing new happened when I relaunched the application.

Yes, I did mean OneDrive, not OneNote. Apologies.

Yes, I am using a OneDrive Business account. If there is documentation discussing the difference in support for personal and business I did not see it.

OneDrive Business unfortunately is not supported, but you can use regular OneDrive or av different cloud service.

I did a file system sync using Google drive. I just setup the folder that holds the sync files in the Google sync folder. I’m betting that you can do the same with OneDrive for business. You would need to make sure all devices have OneDrive on them and put the file system sync Joplin uses in the OneDrive sync folder.