Single note not syncing

I use Joplin (1.0.201) on Windows 10 on multiple computers via DropBox synchronization and with encryption. On one computer is a portable version on the other two installed versions. Recently I updated Joplin (previous version was 1.0.178 on one computer and 1.0.196 on others (I think)) and saw a notification that the default encryption method has changed and I should re-encrypt the notes. I did that.

I also get the “Processing a path that has already been done: … sync_time was not updated? Remote item has an updated_time in the future?” line in the logs today with the current used version.

My issue is that one note doesn’t want to synchronize. On one computer it’s last changed date is 20th of April and on the other 3rd of May (as it should be). On both synchronization completes just fine and there is nothing indicated as a conflict, I can change other notes and they are correctly synchronized.

Why is this note not synchronized? How can I make it synchronizing?

Not sure what happened but if it’s just one note, you could modify it on one computer and sync it again, which should trigger a sync in your other devices too.

I don’t know how many notes are affected. I have maybe 200 notes and I have at least one that continues to synchronize and at least two that continue not to synchronize. Not synchronizing means I can modify them on any computer and press sync, but that does never trigger a sync on the other devices. A conflict is not displayed.

For the note that continues to synchronize, a conflict appears if I modify them on two devices without synchronizing, so that’s okay.

It’s a bit as if the devices partly disconnected. This might be an indication that Joplin is not working reliable. Should I open a bug report about it on Github?

If I don’t hear anything else I will try to delete the whole profile on the device that I have used less often, which is hopefully not containing newer note content, and start again there in the hope that synchronization then works again.

I now have a situation where all three devices have different versions of a single note, each device shows the same ID for that note and are running Joplin with the same version, but the last updated date and content of a note are different on every device and none shows a conflict, all are syncing fine.

I will delete the profiles on all but a single device (the one I think is most advanced) and start again in the hope that the problems are solved. Hopefully this prevents the missing syncing from happening again, but if it does happen again, I would probably start looking for migration paths to other software. Reliable syncing is at the heart of such software, I guess.

I noticed that the attachment behavior in the synchronization options was “manually” on one device and “always” on another. I changed the behavior to “always” everywhere and afterwards the device that had that option set to “manually” before did a very long synchronization (downloading all notes) and then the other device did a medium long synchronization (downloading some notes) and then it seems that everything is syncing as expected again.

I would not have thought that this option can cause this effect, but at least it seems to run again.

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