No space allowed after '==' marker?

I would like to mark text like == Marked text == but a space after '==' is not working, only ==Marked text==. Why? Is this a bug?

I think that's on purpose, to make it unambigous. It's also how everything in MD works; you can't do ** bold **, you have to do **bold**.


It would affect some of the programming syntax if allowing space.

For a suggestion, you can download and install the Rich Markdown plugin. This plugin provides the CSS class to specify the mark text tokens.

Then, you can add some custom CSS to your userchrome.css like below:

.CodeMirror-line .cm-rm-highlight-token {
  padding: 0 3px;

It will give you a very similar experience to your expectation, but the space will add to both left and right side of the token, and there is no solution for adding it only on one side.

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Or use a little bit of HTML (non-breaking space)

== Marked text ==

Ok, I'll have a look at it. Thanks for the tip.

Yes, I checked that already, but I don't like the look of it, so now I use ==> Marked text <==

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Fair point.

If you don't want the "arrow heads" you could use the Unicode braille pattern blank. This character looks like a space but it does not act as a space.


In Linux adding one is a simple as holding CTRL+SHIFT, then typing U2800 and then releasing CTRL+SHIFT. I suppose it depends on how often you need to do this as to whether it is worth the added typing...