Style of ==mark==/highlighted text in markdown editor


I am trying to change the style of text highlighted by using ==mark== in the markdown editor.
I am using dark mode and the style is bright yellow background with white text on it, so it's not readable.

Some search here in the forum suggested using the css classes .cm-search-marker and .cm-search-marker-selected in userchrome.css but this doesn't work (it styles text findings, but not ==marked== text). I then used the developer tools and found that

    --joplin-search-marker-background-color: #F7D26E;
    --joplin-search-marker-color: black;

should be the classes I should address - but I don't know how. Similar stylings like for header etc. start with " span." in my userchrome.css

Also I realized, the text color in indented lists overwrites the color; so on list level 1 the text color of highlighted text is different from level 2 etc.
I would like it to be the same everywhere on all list levels - or to have control over it.

Can you help me?
I am using Joplin 2.8.8 on Ubuntu and I'm using the markdown editor.


You should take a look to the plugin Rich Markdown, that make you easy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much!

I am using RichMarkdown, I love it!
I didn't know it introduces extra CSS classes and didn't realize the initial highlighting came from it in the first place.

For darkmode it worked using in userchrome.css {
    background: #F7D26E;
    color: black;
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