How to turn off reminder sound?

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I made todo task with reminder, and when the time foк reminder come I can not turn off the reminder sound. It bells continuously and all that I can - to switch off the sounds of the phone completely. How can I do this within the program or somehow? Thanks a lot in advance for advices.

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I am not a dev, just another user. However I have recently been trawling through the forum and GitHub and saw that your post seems similar to this GitHub issue:

For info, you will see that @laurent appears to have determined that it is an "upstream issue" and is in contact with the maintainer of the react-native-alarm-notification package.

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Hello there.

Thanks for your reply. I have similar issue, but with sound. In my case seems that closing of an app with standard procedure of closing apps in Android helps, but I need to try it a few more times. Nevertheless this is not very convenient to close the app for each reminder. I will follow @laurent issue and we will see if there would be solution for it. Thanks again.