Problem with alarm settings for Android 10

I am new to Joplin and am more than impressed by its layout and by the fact that sync via Nextcloud is possible. I tried to sync using WabDav on my Synology 218+ but that does not seem to work for some reason.

Unfortunately, I have a problem with the alarm settings. No matter how I try, the alarm on my Android phone simply won't work. I have set the following:

  • Show notifications: on
  • Alarm Notify: Alerting
  • Pop on Screen: On
  • Sound: Hangout Message
  • Show Modification Dot: on
  • Override Do Not Disturb: On

This is for Joplin 1.5.1 and my Android version is 10.

There is no sound, there is no popup, there is no dot, nothing.

Also, I have not found an option to snooze notifications: is such an option currently available?

Syncing between my Android Phone and the Desktop version for Windows (Joplin 1.5.12) works fine.

Many thanks for your help!

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