"No Item with ID" on every single notes on iOS

OS: iOS 13.3
App version: 10.0.40
Telephone: iPhone XS


Lately I have successfully exported all my Evernote’s notes (~1200) into Joplin (10.0.175 on Catalina 10.15.2), I have randomly checked about 50 of them and all seems fine, images are being displayed and all the PDF files are all there.

However, on iOS, if all the notes have been synchronised, I can’t have access to the PDFs, I have a “No Item ID” error with pretty much all of them expect the one created after the Evernote export.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

If you try to open the same pdf on desktop, does it work?

Can you post your sync status screen on desktop, and the one one mobile? (to see where the difference is)

Yes they all work, even the oldest (10+ years) one.

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 1.34.12 AM

On the desktop app, if you go to Tools - Status, could you also take a screenshot of the “Sync status” section?

Please note that I have just did a full sync with Joplin 10.0.175 on ubuntu 19.10 without any issue, all the notes and PDF are there.

The desktop app has 2400 resources vs 260 on mobile, so not everything has been synced on mobile. When you run a sync on mobile, does it complete it without errors? Also could you check the log on mobile to see if there are any errors?

It does complete without error and on the app if I go to “Log” and tap on “Errors Only” it’s all blank.

What’s your “Attachment download behaviour” in the config screen? Normally it’s on “always” by default but it’s something else it would have an effect.

@laurent: after reading this I checked my iphone client - same problem here. PDF’s can’t be opened. I’m getting the same error message as @SSR852.

Apart from that, I’m running Joplin under Linux (installed with your fine script) and there is the same problem. Now I also checked the portable Joplinversion for USB - same problem there as well.

Really strange is, that my Jopex file has 1,7 GB - in my Cloud Drive I can only see 22 MB. I’m getting no error messages, everything seems fine…

I did all the uploads from my Windows10 client - there everything is fine.

After spending a lot on time to solve this problem, I finally got everything working now. No missing PDF’s anymore ;-). So if anyone of you runs in this problem: check out your folder: config/joplin-desktop/resources/

I did import 850+ messages from Evernote and tried to delete those messages with more than 10MB size. However I didn’t recognize there where more messages above that limit. Joplin imported them as well without freezing.

And I’m pretty sure, that this was the reason, why all that messages didn’t appear on my iPhone client. So after checking config/joplin-desktop/resources/ I noticed, that there where much more attachments with >10MB size than expected. I searched for these messages on my Windows Joplin client and deleted them all. Made a backup to a JEX-file and a reset to Joplin, imported again and now everything works great.

Maybe this is helpful for others as well.