No item with ID…

I have Joplin server v 2.11.1 and I have the latest version of the iOS and Linux clients.

On my Linux desktop, I uploaded a pdf to a note. I can’t view this pdf attachment on my iPad or iPhone as I get the “no item with ID…” message. I can view it on my desktop.

The attachment size on my server user account settings is “”, so unlimited.

What to do?

Thanks - Dave

And I just updated the pdf to ensure it was < 2mb.


If you haven't already, try attaching the PDF a second time and syncing again. Is it possible to open the second attachment?

If not, what if some other resource is attached (e.g. an image). Can other new resources be opened on other devices?

Yeah, I tried that already. First time I drag and dropped a >10mb file. I deleted, re-synced, then pasted a new <2mb file. Still got the message.

I have several devices that sync to a self-hosted server. I haven't pinned it down to one device, but the issue seems to start with a >10mb file.

What's the exact error message?

"No Item with ID"


And no ID is mentioned? In that case could you share the markdown text?

Yes, the id was mentioned. I just didn’t copy and paste it here. Is that relevant to the troubleshooting?

Well if there's an id that's a different bug than if there's no id. Rule of thumb when asking for help is to give the full details, logs, screenshots, version numbers, and not try to guess what may or may not be relevant.

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I have the versions listed above in the message. All are the latest version, as of 6/15/23.

Here's the log error message:

2023/06/15 00:48:46 [error] 650#650: 23786 client intended to send too large body: 1598697 bytes, client: ...*, server: joplin.., request: "PUT /api/items/root:/.resource/dd0e5ed9a5764e76bfbd069019f91216:/content HTTP/1.1", host: "joplin.."

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client intended to send too large body

This error doesn't exist in Joplin so it's something in between that's causing this, probably the reverse proxy server? You would need to increase the allowed request size to get this working.

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Thanks for the advice. It set me on the right track... I think.

I added the following to my nginx config file, as I understand the default is 1MB. An initial test seems to have fixed the problem. I'll follow-up here in a few days to see if it corrected my issue.

http { ... sendfile on; client_max_body_size 20M; }


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