I have Joplin running successfully on my Windows 7 desktop, my Galaxy S10 phone and formally on my Galaxy 7 android tablet. And I in love with Joplin. Now my tablet shows everything as "encrypted". I have uninstalled Joplin and reinstalled but still no joy. I have connected the sync with Dropbox and synced but still my notes show as "encrypted."

The issue may be the following. I have been unable to put in my "password" for Joplin. I have typed it in correctly twice but the "Save" button seems to be frozen. I may have happened because I downloaded the "Brave Browser. Not certain of that but it's the only change I made.

Everything still works fine on my desktop and phone.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have

Glenn Murray

Yeah the feedback from the encryption page isn't really well documented. When you first encrypted your data, you provided a password. That password is for the data, not Joplin. It has to be entered the same on your new device. If there are multiple keys on your device, you don't get to choose which key to use, the data chooses the key. If you don't enter the password correctly, then Joplin cannot decrypt your data, but you don't get any error message or explanation why; you just see the files as "encrypted" within Joplin. Does that help at all?


Thank you for your response. I will try your suggestion.