Mystical unwanted notification from Joplin

I have one particular todo note for which I have set a future alarm.

  • Every time I open Joplin (desktop Win10) i get this notification on my screen:


  • This notification also pops up every time i edit that todo note

  • Strangely the same thing does not happen with other todos that also has a future alarm set. Editing those todos does not produce any notification.

  • Even stranger - I copied the text from the “annoying todo”, deleted the todo, created a new one and pasted in the text. And then the strange popup is back for this newly created todo (!)

Thanks for all help.

I noticed that some months ago on linux

I have the same issue on Ubuntu 18.04. Same todo note appears as a notifcation every time I add a single character to the text.

  • Windows 10 client is synced via Dropbox API
  • Linux client is synced via Filesystem (Dropbox folder).

I also use two mobile clients but they do not show the unwanted popup notice:

  • Android client synced via Dropbox API
  • iOS client synced via Dropbox API.