Android notification - jump directly to todo item

Actual implementation: An alarm is set for a todo item and at alarm time a notification appears at android notification area as list item. If i tab on the joplin notification list item, the app opens, but only in general.

Improvement: If i tab on the notification for a specific todo item joplin should start and open that specific todo item (view mode) instead of open only the app itself.


  • Android 7.1.2.
  • Joplin Verison 1.0.131 (installed by google play store)
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Am i the only user of joplin, who uses the joplin todo alarms? Isn’t it uncomfortable, to manually search the todo item, the alarm was set for?

Or did i descripe my suggestion not good enough? Please have a look to that. I retested this with V1.0.252 without success.

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This is indeed a limitation of the app. If someone can figure out how to do that, I’ll accept a pull request.

I'd love that feature on Desktop too :slight_smile:

Hi @laurent . Thanks for your answer / reaction in general. So i hope this could be possible for future releases. And thanks for that greate App!


@laurent I also miss that very much, especially with many simultaneous memories, I thought that would be a bug. Perhaps it would be temporarily possible all “entries” that have an alarm to “bundle” in one place?