iOS: Open ToDo's by choosing the reminder message / alarm message on locked screen?

Hi all,

before I create a feature request, I like to place a question here: I'm using an iphone and when I set an alarm for a "ToDo-Note" and it is the planned point if time, there will appear a message on my locked screen. When I click it, I have to unlock my device and the mobile Joplin app starts. But it will not show me the note I was reminded about. It will show the last note I used before or some other note (I'm not sure, but that's irrelevant anyway). So I will have to search for the note/todo the reminder was about.

Is that an expected behaviour?
Is it the same on Android?

Working like this is kind of unusual to me. I really would like Joplin app on my mobile to behave like other apps I am using with alarms or reminders: Just open the document or action, the alarm/reminder was for.

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