Create sub-notebook in terminal version

I apologize in advance if I somehow missed this in the documentation (I did read the documentation).

Is it possible to create a sub-notebook using the terminal application?

If so, how?

I’m using Joplin Terminal 1.0.150 in Linux Mint 19.3


No, please have a look at:

There have to be some design decisions done by Laurent, because I ran into a few problems when trying to implement it:

It is possible to have several notebooks with the same name. For my tests I use book1, book2, and book2. However, it seems that it is currently not possible to move a note from book1 to the second book2 (or from book2 to the other book2). Or am I missing something?
Furthermore, meta data is only displayed for notes, but not for folders, so using the id to move the notes doesn’t work either. When using the metadata parent_id from an existing note, the mv command still does not accept a valid id as the destination.

More in the gh issue…