Moving my WebDAV server

I plan to move my primary WebDAV server from my NAS to my Raspberry Pi. I hope to do this simply without note loss. Here is my plan.

  1. Export to jex from PC (just in case).
  2. Stop all syncing devices (except PC)
  3. Repoint my reverse proxy from the NAS to the RPi. Doing this preserves the WebDAV URL, so hopefully it avoids the pitfall from this warning:
  4. Test the WebDAV connection from the PC Joplin app. If good, manually initiate sync.

If I do this, will the PC content sync to the empty folder on the RPi I set as my WebDAV repository. Presuming this works, I will them manually sync each device in turn.

Is there a better way?

FWIW, I plan to use "chezdav" as my RPi WebDAV server.

I think you'll run into the same issue as when changing the url, that is: your client will still try to sync with a target that's now empty and will delete your notes.

The faq doesn't just describe the issue, but also has a step by step guide with the steps you should take. Which is more or less what you do, but with the added step that you get the data on your webdav before syncing for the first time.

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Thank you for that. Seems simple enough to try!

I understand that syncing with a new, empty WebDAV server will delete all local data, and I see the steps to correct that.
--> Does this happen also with other servers, for instance, if I switch from a Box server to Joplin Cloud will all my local notes be deleted, imposing a backup/restore ?

It only happens for changes within a sync target type. i.e. changing WebDAV, NextCloud etc. addresses.
You can change between sync types without it happening. (But you should take the same precautions anyway).

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Perfect, thank you @Daeraxa!

Well... I managed the transition, but for some reason whenever I open Joplin on the PC it takes 70-90 seconds to run an initial sync check... even when there are no new entries. My cell phone just completed at 73 seconds. Sync appears to be working as a test not I added to the PC appeared after the phone synced.

This seems long to me, though I never looked at the sync time in the former set up.

Some details... I'm running WebDAV from a docker container on an RPi now. I use a subdomain that routes through a Cloudflare tunnel, so that no port openings are required for me.

The former WebDAV set up used a Synology WebDAV connection (also routed through a Cloudflare tunnel).

So my questions after migration... Is this sync up time expected? Is there something I should do to speed this up? FWIW I have 3000 notes.

I have roughly the same number of notes, but I use another syncing method (OneDrive with encryption turned on), and my syncing times are more or less the same as yours. So maybe all this is expected behaviour, but I wonder, too, what we could do to speed this up.

I have 37336 item in Joplin and as Synctarget my Synology WebDav and my syncronization on the local network needs about 6 seconds on a sync when Joplin is opend and on a fresh restart round about 18 seconds.

I'm still getting 60-70 seconds on consequtive resyncs on PCs, and higher on Android devices.

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