I screwed up WebDAV migration, how can I fix it?

I am trying to migrate from one WebDAV service to another. Version 1.7.11.

I made the mistake of not making a backup of my local files, although I have one from yesterday which is almost current that I can restore to if needed.

I copied everyone from the old WebDAV server to the new one, changed the settings in Joplin to point to the new one and hit sync. It deleted all my notes but left the files on the new server alone.

I tried closing Joplin, re-copying the file to the new WebDAV, and syncing again. It says it deleted some files off the server and now seems to be stuck in a decrypting loop, never completing and showing no notes at all.

How can I fix this? I can go back to yesterday's local backup if needed, it's not the end of the world. But I really need to understand how to migrate properly.

Edit: Looking at the local profile folder I can see all the resource files are still there for my notes. No idea why they don't show up.

Never mind, fixed it.

I restored my local profile folder from yesterday's backup. I then re-copied all the cloud data. Opened Joplin, changed the WebDAV URLs and passwords, and it synced okay with all my notes intact.

Looks like the mistake was expecting Joplin to upload all the data to the new cloud service for me. I should have copied it manually.

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