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I am currently using Joplin with webdav to sync. But my cloud provider requires new login tokens once in a while which messes with my sync each time. Also adding a new device doesnt go smoothly.

So i was reading up on things and saw Joplin Cloud. Does this basically work the same as using Webdav only will the server be hosted by Joplin itself instead of your own?

Will all notes and attachments be offline first still? So if something would happen to the Joplin servers or my internet drops, my synced notes and attachments are fully accessable still?

And last but not least, what is the best way to transfer my current notes and attachments as i have them now to Joplin Cloud?

Thanks in advance.

Joplin 2.12.18 (prod, win32)
Windows - Android

Yes this is a similar system, but usually faster and with a few extra features.

Indeed, everything is still offline-first.

  1. Backup all your notes by exporting to JEX, in case something goes wrong
  2. Fully synchronise all your devices with the current sync target - do it multiple times to make sure all devices have all the data
  3. For each device: switch the sync target to Joplin Cloud
  4. Then wait for a full sync

Thank you for the clear answer! I am going to get Pro.

I am assuming everyhting is still stored encrypted. (kinda know the answer already but still).

Also, is there a promo code? Or plans for black friday codes coming?

Thanks for the reply.

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