Migrate from One Webdav provider to another

Is there a proper, i.e. working method of migrating from one Webdav provider to another? I initially started with Nextcloud, but before I had added more than a few files I migrated to Seafile. That seemed to go without a hitch.

This morning, I tried to migrate back to the Nextcloud instance by simply changing the config parameters, thinking it would see all of the files it now had were newer than those left behind on Nextcloud, and would sync all the newness to it. Rather, it seems to have deleted all of the newer files, and downloaded only those few files which existed on Nextcloud, so at least 70 files are gone.

Any way to save this?

I had a very similar experience. I started with lighttpd-webdav, my client on the desktop syncing without a glitch to the server, but my client on my notebook nothing from the server. Changed the desktop-client to owncloud-webdav and lost all my notes! Shock!
Copied all files from lighttpd to owncloud and joplin recoverd. Now all my clients sync properly.

So, using a “normal” webdav-client to migrate all files from the old server to the new one should work for now. But a nicer “migration” would be nice.

Personally, I think when joplin has some notes and tries to sync them to an empty server, it should not delete the local notes, as happened to me. I guess joplin could put a file one the remote server “joplinewashere” to differentiate between “initialising new remote server with local notes” and “the server has joplin-data already, so I can trust it to delete everything locally”. Asking for confirmation would be even better…

I can’t believe this behavior is intentional. However, I can’t be sure. The only person who can answer this question is @laurent, since he designed the sync logic.