More simple way to backup (AppImage)

Guys, I'm using Joplin AppImage and I would like know how to more simple way to me make a automatic backup (I'm using Google Drive and I know that not is possible sync using them).
I'm my mind I woul like take the local/base where my notes are and copy them manually to my G. Drive, is it possible?

The simplest way would be to create a new Dropbox account and synchronize to Dropbox, but I’m assuming that you don’t want to do that.

Second easiest way is to use step 1, and then do a guy push to a remote repo, but if you want to use Google drive:

  1. Use this script as a starting point:

That will get you a local backup

  1. Optional: Encrypt your backup if you feel like it, maybe using gpg

  2. Upload to Google drive. Use something like this:

  3. Realize that for a backup, you’ll want rollback so the data loss doesn’t replace your backup, and either upload the git repo from step 1, or version your backups.

  4. Test your backups, because an untested backup isn’t useful

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@PatrickM thanks for share, you answer help me a lot.