Best way to do Git backup for Joplin notes?

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I want to backup my Joplin notes via Git automatically. I have a setup with Obsidian that I want to replicate, where a git script automatically commits changes I make to my notes to a local repo every so often. Ideally, I’d be able to do something similar with Joplin so my notes’ version history gets saved.

I wanted to ask what people think is the best way of doing this since Joplin doesn’t actually store your notes as Markdown files like Obsidian. Is it even possible?

To be clear, I’m not asking to use git as a synchronization tool. I want to just use it as a way to backup notes on the desktop.

I would say use the the Simple Backup Plugin and set the Format to Markdown Fontmatter an set da Post script to do the commit and push (I have not tested if this works or not).

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