Periodic automatic backups?

It would be a good idea to have periodic automatic backups that get uploaded to your sync service. It could be in its own separate folder and maybe compressed to save space. This would be beneficial for many reasons, for example: there is a bug in syncing that deletes the notes from your service.


I agree, that would be cool. It would be awesome if once a day a JEX file was generated and place on your sync service/server. It would also be amazing if the JEX backup were to have a timed duplicate section like being able to choose how often it backs up or how many backups it stores until it deletes old versions to make room for new versions.

I think that would be a fantastic improvement to the project!

That can be done with Joplin terminal version in a scheluder

I see it is possible to do that with the export option in the terminal documentation but it would require a script to be written wouldn’t it? Does the Joplin CLI support exporting and then syncing that file to the same place you put the main set of data?

Either way, I think it would still be something that people would benefit from heavily if it was a part of the main desktop app as an option. The CLI is a good option for now but ideally it would be connected to the sync options.

I’m sure, but it would be nicer to have it in the desktop version for people who don’t have the technical knowledge.

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I would like to add my vote in here as well. I understand the current syncing-is-not-a-backup idea, so that leaves a gap for folks that use the Desktop version and would like to automatically backup their Joplin notes.

Ideally the backup option would be password-protected/encrypted and also sync those backups to whatever sync endpoints are configured in Joplin as well.

Thank you for your time.

I scripted something in AutoHotKey which works pretty well if your interested. The only challenge is to get Joplin to always default to a specific backup directory.

I would like to bump this, this should be not too terribly hard to implement, since an “export all” feature already exists, it would mainly require these changes:

required features

  • add option to enable/disable automatic backup
  • add option to specify backup folder
  • add option to specify schedule

‘nice to have’ features:

  • add option to specify export format ? (or just force it to be a JEX format since that is the most ‘lossless’ format
  • add option to compress backup
  • add option to do ‘pruning’ of backups, aka what backup software tries to do (aka 7 backups for the current week, then when the week advances you delete all but the last backup for that week, then when the month advances you keep 2 backups for that month, etc


should the mobile version of joplin be considered?

I too would like to add my vote for this feature.

Yes, it can be scripted, but having a well-tested built-in option available would be better than everyone having to build their own scripts. Furthermore, not everyone is similarly comfortable with scripting, particularly for something as important as a backup.

Ideally, backups could be set to happen to a different sync target, so that the 3-2-1 backup principle can be better applied.

I mainly left out the ‘different sync target’ thing since that seems like a much bigger ask at the moment, since it seems that only 1 sync target is available at one time, and joplin doesn’t have support (even for normal note sync) to support different targets at the same time

but yes, having a different sync target would be a nice feature, and would enable the feature to work on mobile (for people who only use joplin on mobile devices)

For those who are seeking for a solution, there is an available plugin joplin-plugin-backup

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