More adjustable (longer) undo-history

Maybe there is an option or a way to do it, but i didn't figure it out yet.

I'd like to have the undo-history a little bit more a adjustable, so it lasts longer back in the past.
Sometime I do 'kill some text', then do some formating stuff with a lot of small changes. Then I wanna have back the 'text', but the undo-history reaches its end before the 'text', because there where too many changes.

The only way to 'recover the text', is the same like 'recover notes' the way I described in on of my previous posts (and I guess average user wouldnt do that). But this is some extra work.

So somewhere some Option about 'longer/shorter undo-history' could be usefull (if possible) :wink:

I do not use note history but on Windows the Note History section in the settings allows 999 days to be entered. However I have previously read somewhere on this forum that the mobile apps may only accept about 730 days.


Thx for the reply.

I was struggling with this too, the notehistory (my value is 180 days) is not the undo-history (the undo-history is just the normal ctrl y / ctrl z).
And its just a little bit short sometimes. Maybe it depends on the last save/synchronisation (and the time of the sync-interval) , but I don't really know.

PS.: My proposal is not so much a feature, its rather an improvement of useability.

Apologies. It seemed odd to me that the default 90 days was not enough! I saw "undo history", interpreted it as "note history" and from there on all was lost... 🤦🏻‍

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