"Shortest" note history & deletion

Given note history being a "global" setting and Android having a maximum of 730 days of retention, I'm trying to figure out the risk of using the Android client (or a misconfigured client with a short retention period). In particular:

  • Does the revision service consider all notes for revision cleanup or just ones that this particular client has just modified?
  • Is there a way to set a particular client to "read only" mode? I almost never edit notes on my phone so until the Android history limit can be raised that would be a usable workaround.
  • If I keep regular backups of my server folder (Dropbox, in this case) how hard would it be to recover from a client wiping out a note history?

Thank you!

From the doc Note History | Joplin

Please note that since all the revisions are synced across all devices, it means these settings are kind of global. So for example, if on one device you set it to keep revisions for 30 days, and on another to 100 days, the revisions older than 30 days will be deleted


I am not sure about this, but I think it should be done as follows.

  1. Make a JEX export as backup on the desktop (If something goes wrong)
  2. Delete all Joplin profiles on all devices (This is necessary because the sync target data is older than the local data)
  3. Restore the sync target data
  4. Start the clients and let sync the data

But you lose all changes since the backup by doing this

I have never tried the procedure!

If a single note can be restored with the history. Certainly, with a lot of manual effort (search for suitable data, adjust and replace these files in the sync target). But I can say nothing about that.

Thank you for the clarification and... yikes.

Can you point me to the part of the code that chooses the old revisions to wipe? Seems expensive to keep checking all of the revisions of all of the notes on each of the clients constantly to see which ones are now over the limit. I'm curious to see how it's done.

Looks like I need to delete the Android client from my phone. Too risky.

That said, I am a software engineer... if there's an easy way to bump up the limit on the Android client (and that's something we'd want) I could submit a change....

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