Modified Joplin app

Hello Joplin community, I am Ishant, a Joplin user, and also a developer. I use Joplin a lot for my day to day use, but there are many features that I miss in Joplin and also some bugs. As a developer, I added some features in Joplin and also fixed many bugs. But as you all know, it takes time to review PR’s and also to merge them, not all of them are available in the master branch. And also, as some features make sense to me and I will love them in my app, but I can’t expect admins to add them to the master branch, because they have to go with the majority. But I can use them, and also I would like to share them with the community, If you like these features, feel free to use this app.
I will try my best to keep this branch and app updated with the latest changes in the master branch.
I will use this topic to update the new features and also so that the community can test these features.

Here are the things that are different in this app and the official Joplin app, you can find more info about the feature/bug on the PR link, all of the changes are for mobile right now:

  1. Fixes white screen after deleting the last notebook (bug) More Info
  2. Added functionality of adding due dates for todos and sorting on their basis. (feature) More info
  3. added filter for notes option (feature) More Info
  4. added copy note to clipboard functionality (feature) More Info
  5. added auto save feature for notebooks (feature) More Info
  6. Add the functionality of adding notebook on clicking action button (feature) More Info
  7. fixed the issue of export path text not visible in dark theme (bug) More Info
  8. Fixed notebook text overflow (bug) More Info
  9. fixed text input when title of note is too large (bug) More Info
  10. fixed text issue on some devices (mostly in one plus devices) (bug) More Info

If you found any issues what so ever, do let me know, I will fix them asap

Released apk

Now I am working on UI improvements and find and replace all features.
Also if you want some features from the list, not all, there is a branch of every feature in my Github repo.