Mobile camera photography supports zooming.Add scanning capabilities

When I want to photograph things in the distance, I zoom in on the camera, which Joplin can't do. When shooting a whiteboard, you want to add scanning capabilities.

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The camera related features depend on the upstream.

Sadly, this package is unmaintained now.

So scaling doesn't work, right? It's very basic. A lot of software has it.

The README for react-native-camera suggests

I haven't looked very hard, but there do seem to be some issues/discussions related to document scanning in react-native-vision-camera.

If Joplin can replace the react-native-camera with react-native-vision-camera, it will support zooming by default. And the document scanning can be added as a plugin of react-native-vision-camera. This dependency seems to be more FOSS friendly so we might make Joplin in the F-Droid library again.
However, it might requires a lot of work.

Can you do this? This is zoom. You should have seen the Joplin mobile camera. He reminds me of my first old phone.I wish Joplin the best.Thinks

My fault. I didn't notice that the react-native-camera also support zooming. We just need to implement a slider or pinch gesture to control the zoom factor.

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