iOS Text scanner

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I've been using Joplin for a few months and really loving it. I am currently using iOS app, Desktop (Linux), and CLI (Linux) of Joplin.

In the Apple Notes app there is a great feature "Scan Text", which allows you to scan in text via the camera. It works really well. Notes--> Camera icon --> Scan Text. (I wanted to post an image but can only post one image)

My understanding is this uses DataScannerViewController. I am not sure if this is exposed to React Native. I don't have a Mac to try this out, but I think it would be a great feature.

I have tried the OCR plugin and honestly it doesn't get the best results.

In the meantime I created an iOS shortcut to take a picture, convert to text, and open the share pane.

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That‘s great! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!:+1:t2:


If you need a better text scanner app I just launched ChatPhoto: Ai image to text.

Apple notes is great to read text, they use the optical character recognition technology, but with ChatPhoto you can chat with your photos.