Camera (Take Picture) IOS Apple AUTO FOCUS needed

Been using Joplin add Picture to note (ie: TAKE PICTURE) and notice that it does not auto focus.
However if I take a picture via the normal camera it does.

Since 99% of the pictures I'm taking are MAC addresses and Default Passwords on the bottom of routers and stuff the Auto Focus is critical. Otherwise we can't read the text.

A document scanner function would be great as well - as added to the wishlist in 2019, 2022, and 2024 (I just did a search for "scan" in this forum :grin:).

maybe it's an IOS specific obstacle.
With a basical Samsung A12, I can add a picture directly shot within Joplin. And it's auto focused on the subject.

I'm not sure about Android but on IOS it will not even attempt to focus.

Even if you touch image prior to taking the picture, it doesn't do anything.

Every other app I use that takes photo's inside the app will focus without issue so whatever code Joplin uses for photo's on IOS doesn't have or doesn't support focus.

Hopefully someone can find a fix.