Mobile app : all notes are empty


on my mobile app, I can't access anymore to notes content.

I still have notebooks and note titles, but no content in notes and when I try to create a note, I juste can put a title and nothing else.

I used to work properly and I don't think I've changed anything.

My notes are synced with Dropbox. They are OK on my computer and in Dropbox.

App version 2.11.32
Device Redmi Note 8 Pro (MIUI 12.0.4 - android 10 QP1A.190711.020)

I've tried the simple operation to reinstall Joplin. Nice idea. I have the welcomes notes... with only the titles and still can't edit them or write a new note.

It was not a Joplin bug but one from the phone. It's solved.

Can you give some information what was wrong, cause I struggle over the same issue.

Worked find, suddenly not content text is displays. Also tried a reinstall. Nothing change. Webview is up to date.

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