All my notes and notebooks gone, then back

hi. I installed Joplin 2.81 on my android phone. I set up synch on my dropbox; worked fine. I laboriously copies about 200 notes over from other apps.

On my cell phone, 2 days later, all my Notes and Notebooks are gone on my android, except for one Notebook I didn't create, named "Conflict", and two notes.

So, I installed on my Macbook (ver 2.8.8), running on Mojave. Tried synching, no notes. No notebooks.

Kind of scary. So I re-booted my cell phone; then miraculously all my notes and notebooks are back.

So, my problems are solved - at least for now. Is there some way of backing up all my Joplin data so I can recover it if lost?

ps - I log into Dropbox, and remove all "deleted files" once in a while, since Joplin seems to delete files constantly. My dropbox is getting near full, so I have to keep space on it free.

thanks for any comments!

Try the backup plugin, @Rondie

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