Getting my old notes back

Android 8.0.0 on Samsung Experience 9.0
Joplin 1.2.5

I can't provide a log as there is no 'options in the top right corner' to click on to screenshot.

So I needed to reset my phone, did so and reinstalled Joplin. Then, when I went to put it back with my Dropbox, it failed to find my old notes and just set up a new profile. I can see there are old files (is it the .md files?) in the Dropbox folder but I haven't got a clue about how to make it look at the right stuff to get my notes back and don't understand enough to have a punt at it. This hasn't been a problem previously and the app had found old notebooks but now it is.

I probably shouldn't be using this app as apparently I'm not technically skilled enough and am happy to stop using it. But can anyone help me get my old notes back? I transferred quite a lot of todos and bookmarks onto this app.

Hope someone can help, please?

After you've installed the app, you also need to connect it to Dropbox. You do that by clicking on the Synchronize button.

Yes I've done that..that's the part that didn't work. It's just set up a new set of notebooks, as far as I can tell

Hi again....does anyone have any advice about this please? I just need to know what file it should look at and how to make it look at it.

It synchronised but it's a right mess :grimacing: