Missing note statistics button

I'm trying to do a word count in a document and can't figure out where that feature has moved to. I noticed a while back that the note statistics button had disappeared. I saw someone seems to be working on a feature to count the number of words and characters highlighted, which would be great. But in the meantime, how do we get a simple word count for a note?

Version 1.1.4
Linux (Manjaro KDE)

The dialog box is still there, under the "Note" menu.

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Ah, I see that now, but it looks like it's grayed-out in Vim mode. It is available for me if I switch back to default keyboard mode.

OK, when I switched back to Vim mode, it stayed available. This lasted until I closed Joplin and reopened it, and then it was grayed out again until I switched modes and then switched back.

So, to reproduce:

  1. Set Joplin to Vim mode
  2. Close Joplin
  3. Reopen it, go to a note, try to look at statistics (the menu option will be grayed-out)
  4. Switch to default mode
  5. Try to look at statistics again (the menu option will be available)
  6. Switch back to Vim mode (the menu option is still be available)
  7. Restart Joplin (menu option is no longer available)

The expected results are that the Statistics menu button is available any time you're editing in Vim mode.

Thanks for the detailed report. It's no longer happening in v1.2 probably because there was many changes and fixes on the commands, so upgrading to the next version should fix the issue.

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