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I did’t find is so maybe its possible to implement a WordCount Feature so that I can mark my Text, right klick “word count” and get numbers for words w/o spaces, words, etc. Would be very helpfull sometimes.


Will anyone tackle this?

It is there. It is last icon of the Markdown editor toolbar.

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Ahh, I found it. Just what I needed. Thanks a lot.

We don't have it on the Android version, it's a bit sad when writing on the go.

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Was this lost in the move from Ace(?) to Codemirror(?) - on desktop at least. I can find reference to word counts including old PRs etc. but nothing in the application itself. Either that or I just can't find it...

On Desktop:

Menu item: Note -> Statistics...

You can even assign as shortcut.

Thanks, not the most intuitive but it is at least there.

Just curious, what would be more intuitive? I'm not the one who put it under the Note menu, but it seems to me that there isn't a more natural place for it.

For me I think it is that there isn't really anything in the note menu that I've have even used so far, my experience of what 'kind' of functions it should contain haven't really been set.
Take the default 3 options in there:

  • Toggle External editing - this is available more intuitively via the icon on the editor bar
  • Tags - this is available at the bottom of the screen where the list of tags is already shown with a textual instruction to "click here to add tags..."
  • Statistics - Only available via the notes menu and unlike the other two, has no default shortcut set.

To me the most logical place (i.e. where I first looked for it) is actually up in the top right of the editor with the note properties/editor layout/spell checker etc.
Personally I think it would be best as a counting display such as 'W-123' that is also a button to open the rest of the statistics window/popup (similar to the same function in Mark Text). To go further it would be nice to have an option that would allow a default display between of the different stats (Words/Lines/Characters etc.).
As a crude mockup:

So not saying it doesn't belong within the notes menu but it would be nice to see it on the editor itself - ideally as a dynamic display


Is this possible at a notebook level? I'd like to get a word count of all notes in all notebooks.

I'd like statistics for a selection of text. The usual Mac right-click "Services" menu is unavailable, so apps like WordService cannot be used. Thanks!

It wants to be on the Note itself as W000 C000 and change if a selection is made, i.e. able to count a selection. I (and many writers) absolutely rely on these counts for certain kind of content,
Similarly on the iOS app.

Maybe pointless to add another vote given the age of this thread, but as stated, word count on iOS is crucial for writers.
I expected to find both word and character count under the Properties menu, but it would be even better as a configurable option to be displayed at the top of the editor: word count, character count, or none.
The count should reflect any text selection and there should be a count per notebook.

A better place for word and character count

First of all i think that Joplin needs a redesign as soon as possible and when the right time arrives will gladly help @laurent . One of the features that I think could be improved is the word and character count. Here are some suggestions on how to make it more intuitive and useful:

  • Put it at the bottom right of the editor. This is where most other apps show the word and character count, such as Obsidian. It would be easier to find and access.
  • Make it dynamic. It would be nice if the word and character count could change depending on the text selection, as you mentioned.

This would allow us to check the length of specific parts of our notes.
That would mean the feature is even better than obsidian, see how it works in Microsoft Word.

  • Show more statistics when clicked. I like the idea of having a statistics window that shows more information about our notes, such as lines, paragraphs, sentences, reading time, etc, when you click on the button.
    However, I think the current table format is not very user-friendly. I would prefer something like Google Docs, which shows a simple list of statistics, even though Word Count can be renamed to statistics. Pages changed lines. All the other things are perfect
  • Remove the editor/viewer distinction. It does not make much sense to have different statistics for the editor and the viewer. It just clutters the UI and adds confusion. I think it would be better to have one consistent set of statistics for both modes (see above google docs).

I hope these suggestions will be considered by the developers and implemented in future updates. I think they would make Joplin a more powerful and enjoyable tool for writing. Maybe, if someone could assist me in learning the codebase and javascript in general, I could be part of the long term contributor base.

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