Pre-release 1.2 is available for testing

  • New: Add frequently used languages to markdown editor (#3786 by Carlos Eduardo)
  • Improved: Disable auto-update by default
  • Improved: Improved menu enabled states when not in main screen
  • Improved: UI update (#3586)
  • Improved: Upgrade Mermaid to v8.8.0 (#3745) (#3740 by Caleb John)
  • Fixed: Add stricter rules for katex blocks (#3795) (#3791 by Caleb John)
  • Fixed: Allow Read Time label to be translated (#3684)
  • Fixed: Always use light theme for notes in HTML mode (#3698)
  • Fixed: Disable editor shortcuts when a dialog, such as GotoAnything, is visible (#3700)
  • Fixed: Fix bug where editor would scroll to focus global search (#3787 by Caleb John)
  • Fixed: Fix missed highlighting when using the global search (#3717 by Caleb John)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when switching from search to "All notes" (#3748)
  • Fixed: Improved handling of special characters when exporting to Markdown (#3760)

wow I love this version !!
great job !!


So excited for this! I will start providing some feedback. Congrats on getting this together!

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Had a play with the new interface in 1.2.2.

I do like it and it is different but not too different to be unfamiliar. I have actually installed it for daily use on one of my machines and I usually never do that with a pre-release!

The only suggestions I had were to do with tags:

  • Use the same style for the tags as used for the "In:Notebook" tags? (3px radius and blue background)
  • Use the same style for the tags editor?


That's it!

I just thought that all these similar elements may benefit from having a similar style.

Please feel free to ignore any or all of the above. Also, as can be seen from the screenshots, they can be modified using userchrome.css.

Thanks for taking this on and doing so well.

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So great new UI I love it.
Just one suggestion (posted it in features section too): Could we get the tags back to the top or may be make it a choice where to see it, in the options? We've always been used to tags at the upper area of the note.

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New user here but really appreciate the UI refresh. Now sold on my note system of choice.


v1.2.2 Search Hit Highlighting

Joplin for Desktop
Joplin 1.2.2 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 95e7f3df (master)
Win10 x64
No active userchrome or userstyle css files.

When undertaking a standard search from the main toolbar. In viewer only no hits are shown in the viewer pane. When switching to split view, the first search hit is highlighted in the editor pane (as expected) but again none of the search hits are highlighted in the viewer pane. If the note is then edited the highlight will briefly flash visible and then disappear again whilst typing. Also flashes briefly when moving away to another note.


@CalebJohn I believe that you had quite a bit of input with regards to the search highlighting. Were you aware of the above?

@CalebJohn, I've had a look at this while checking the fuzzy search issue, and I've fixed it in this commit:

What happened is that the search terms were highlighted in the viewer pane, then the HTML was updated, thus clearing the highlights. I've fixed it by watching for rendered body changes in the effect. I guess it could be optimised by skipping this when the viewer is hidden but for now that should work.

That seems reasonable, although it would mean tags will be a lot less discrete than they are now. Is that what everyone would want? There wasn't much answers to this post so I'm not sure what's best.

Thanks for taking care of it @laurent, I was fairly sure it was related to my change but didn't have the time to check into it yet.

Thanks everyone for helping test this release. I think all regressions are fixed by now and there's otherwise two remaining improvements to be made, which I'll look at over the coming day.

If you have a moment, please have a look at the roadmap for version 1.2 and let me know if there's any regression or bug fix that should be in there:

I would suggest that that means it's better to leave it as it is and see if it ever comes up again when more people move over to the new design as part of a full release.


The Roadmap has a tick against disable fuzzy search. Was that included in 1.2.2? It seems to be disabled based on how 1.1.4 behaved. However a single keyword search in 1.2.2 still only highlights the first hit in the Codemirror editor as if a "fuzzy" multiple keyword search was still being used. Of course if it is intended to bring back fuzzy searching very soon and this restriction will still be needed, this may be something that can be ignored. I only mention this as many users have requested in editor searching and if 1.2 goes to a full release without fuzzy searching I can see questions as to why there is only a single hit highlighted.

I am having trouble explaining this!! This previous post may help (possibly)...

EDIT: You may wish to ignore the above as the ramblings on a senile old man as I am actually getting fuzzy-like searches in 1.2.2 but apparently just not as "aggressive" as in 1.1.4.

I've started consolidating some feedback, but don't think I'll have a chance to finish a design review before next weekend. Regarding the tags / in notebook specifically, my feelings are:

  • in notebook should always be present. doesnt seem like there is a good reason to hide it. (but maybe im forgetting a use case...?). I often collapse my sidebars and find myself wondering what notebook im in.
  • ideally the in notebook would be in the same place as tags, so that it doesnt take up extra vertical space
  • i keep forgetting the tag icon is a button. "click anywhere" is good if you don't have a tag, but when I have one tag, i find myself clicking in the whitespace to try to bring up the tag menu. I think making that icon a button would be simple, until later, when i hope i could just click in the white area and it would be an input box where I could add tags in place.
  • for tag colors, those will be easy to theme, but I agree with @dpoulton that maybe they should be consistent. Here are a few versions. I prefer dark-grey, but would be fine with any.

This was an even more consolidated version that moved the < > icons down there as well: joplin-new-theme-sandbox/dark-mode-overrides.png at master · amandamcg/joplin-new-theme-sandbox · GitHub

My only other major feedback is the "All Notes" menu. It seems out of place / disabled at the moment, and I think it looks less important than it is. I hang out in there a lot. :slight_smile:

Maybe something like this?
all notes


One more minor thing – I wish the cursor would turn into a hand when hovering over the notebooks / notes / buttons


No, but it will be in the next 1.2 release.

Thanks for the feedback @uxamanda. For the tags, without the text input to add them directly, it's indeed not that intuitive. To make it clearer, for now I'll leave the "Add some tags" message even when there are tags.

I like your updated design as it cleans up the top toolbar, but I'm not certain we should put too many buttons at the bottom. It means you'd have to look up and down depending on what action you want to do, while if it's all in the same place it's easier to scan.

Yes, I didn't know what to do with that one and your design indeed looks better so I'll add this.

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Minor, but the text should probably say "Click to add tags..." (without "some")

I just came to the forum to congratulate on the improvements I saw in v1.1.4. But this looks even more exciting! Wow! Congrats and thanks for putting this together! :nerd_face: