Minimize to tray keyboard shortcut

Hi all.

If I press X on the Joplin window, it gets minimised to tray. I don't see in the keyboard shortcuts that I can assign a key to it. Is it possible to do this? I would like to minimise Joplin using Esc for example.

Someone will correct me if needed, but as far as I remember, if you have Joplin showing in the system tray, when you exit it will stay there. If so, closing your Joplin window with Alt-F4 should give you what you want

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Correct, the standard Alt+F4 shortcut works, however it is uncomfortable so I wanted to assign simply Esc. With frequent minimize/maximize switching, this would be much more convenient.

Try, menu: Tools > Options > Keyboard Shortcuts; and here search for "quit", can you assign a more suitable key here?

Good luck!

The problem is exactly that there Quit = Ctrl+Q which means closing the program completely.

On Windows, you could write an AHK script for this (if Joplin is active, remap Esc to !F4, or more advanced like here), but that's still not ideal.., here's also a similar question: Close window with CTRL+W

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