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Feature Request: Send Joplin to tray by Escape-key


Hi there,

I’m using Joplin in a daily routine. Usually I search for one of my notes typing with the left hand, then I mark a line using the mouse in my right hand (i.e. a command) and copy it by Ctrl-C. Now it would be very handy if I could send Joplin to the tray by hitting the Escape-key. Most of the time I have a lot of terminals on my screen and Joplins window still bothers a little bit in a way (if I just use Alt-Tab).

regards, Thomas


I think Ctrl-q sends Joplin to the tray currently, you can try that.


Ctrl-q quits joplin. Alt-F4 sends it to tray… (not impossible, however a little uncomfortable with one hand, fingers are to short by 1cm)