Any Global Shortcut to open Joplin Window?


Is there any global shortcut to instantly open joplin window when the app is hidden in the system tray ?

Thanks a lot.

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Joplin actually doesn’t quite hide in the system tray if I have understood corrrectly what you want to say. Which OS do you use?

Windows 10. I see like 5 Joplin processes in the Taks manager so even with Autohotkeys scripts I find it very difficult to have the Joplin window opened with a key…

The multiple processes are due to how the software is designed and partly due to how Electron behaves. But if you have Joplin minimized, shouldn’t you be able to open it with Alt-Tab?

no, ALT-TAB only works if Joplin is minimised, but not if it is closed but still on the tray icon.

Up until recently it was CTRL+ALT+J but it seems that this has now been removed whilst the entire shortcuts system is being overhauled.

Yeah about a week ago it worked but not anymore.

hi, would it be difficult to re-implement the global shortcut to open Joplin? (ideally with auto focus on the search bar or ctrlp)

This is a mini-feature I miss a lot on my workflow. It's really nice to be able to open/close the app at any time as it reduce the interruption needed to search in the notes and it also make the "mouseless experience" better.

From what I was told before, people using Linux were having a problem with those shortcuts, because of conflicts. Isn't possible to add some kind of filter, then?

if (windows) registerShorcut();
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For an immediate workaround for Windows users, if you disable that close to tray thing and just keep it pinned to your task bar, you can open it with WinKey + the number of the position it's in. For example if you have it pinned to the first position (which you should cause it's so important :grin:) then WinKey + 1 will open it, even if it has been actually closed.


thank you for the workaround @whitewall, I didn't know the Windows shortcuts for pinned apps.

I didn't either until recently. It's especially helpful during zoom meetings, as someone earlier mentioned