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A question about shortcut to minimize to system tray and back to desktop

Thanks for the amazing work.
I have used another notes app and it has a shortcut I think maybe should called “call app".
When I use the app, if I press the shortcut, the app will minimize to the system tray, and when I press it agian under desktop or any other place, the app will be back.
I try to set a windows shortcut key for joplin's shortcut(icon), it works and can be call the app anytime.
But I can't find a way to use the same shortcut key to minimize it except pressing the alt+f4 or alt+space and then C. All're system default method.
When I use ctrl+q, default shortcut to quit the app, the app will be closed completely, not in the system tray.
Is there any way to set a shortcut to minimize the app to system tray? Better if this shortcut same to the shortcut to start the app.

Thanks a lot.

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