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Interesting topic, but should be moved to “Lounge” imho.


I also thought about adding a mindmap button to the ribbon so that the user can pop up the edit window of the mindmap with a single button and save it in a note.

However, as a graphic design, mindmap requires a certain amount of development resources, and it can only be a simple version, just like xmind zen.
But for Joplin, this means that it is bulky, slow to load, and difficult to adapt across platforms.
We want to implement as much functionality as possible in one software, but this has many implications.

I also use mind maps, but I made a mind map in xmind zen and then dragged it as an attachment to the corresponding note in Joplin.

I think that mind maps are best made with third-party software, because if Joplin is implemented, it will be much larger and loading speed may be affected.
Even the mindmap module is larger than Joplin itself.


I moved for a new application called Obsidian which is far easier for linking notes together (like a wiki) and instantly draws a graphical map of all your notes. It’s called Obsidian : https://obsidian.md/

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Graphviz, markvis(not active any more), D3.js, UML, cytoscape.js
Python (networkx)

There are multiple libraries that can be used to create interactive graphs, where you also can label the edges, and make the graph time-depended if you like it to be ...
i.e. the graph only show nodes within a given time period ...

And some of this libraries can also be used as static graph/diagram tools and provide a lot more functionality than mermaid, including text based graphing ...

Licensing might be a problem for some of them, i don't know ...

This was just a tips about some libraries that can be used for both static and interactive graphs and support text based graph creation ...

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Obsidian has no mobile. That is a show stopper for me

I also added a feature request/wish for this in May 2019...
Not a mindmap specific, but support for a better diagram/graph tool than mermaid.

And I will again say that using some other library than mermaid, will also add the feature of being able to create interactive graphs, graphviz use svg, but there are js libraries AND python libraries that use canvas if thats needed...

For now, if you want some sort of “diagram” in Joplin, I would recommend using the mermaid feature… Might be useful for you.

How about using a plugin using (or based on) https://markmap.js.org/ ??


oh yeah, I really like the idea!

wait for the plug-in system to be ready and we are free to implement it by ourself :slight_smile:

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Hey !

Would be interesting to reopen the discussion :thinking:

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GitHub - uphy/joplin-plantuml-plugin may be applicable here

Specifically https://plantuml.com/mindmap-diagram works well, I've tested it. Note you have to use the following syntax listed here: How does the plugin work? · Issue #1 · uphy/joplin-plantuml-plugin · GitHub


on pc it works perfectly on the app I can't see it

Thanks to @marc0l92 you can try the new plantuml plugin for mind map.

Unfortunately I do not see the issue solved.
PlantUML works good for creating mindmaps. It allows for various syntax versions. The "markdown compatible syntax" does not work with the Joplin PlantUML plugin.
But: It only works in a PlantUML code fence.

What I would find desireable is the visualisation of any ordinary markdown file with h1 to h6 and hierarchical lists as a Mindmap. As the Outline plugin does for the Outline.

Markmap (GitHub - dundalek/markmap: Visualize markdown documents as mindmaps) seems the perfect library for this. (You can see it work in Obsidian, VS code and Atom as well, as I read.)

The next level of support would be editing in the mindmap and not in the md code. But that I find not as urgently needed. :wink:

Thanks for considering!

Actualy, the discussion about mind mapping is split between differents posts.

I think it would be welcome for many people, but it's not realy an large request, i dont understand why.

I think everything is here, as bricks, and we need people to do a pluggin with thoses bricks...

And, when i read your comment, i realize we have oposite needs :
You seems to need a thing witch visualise the note as a mind map
I need a pluggin for making the mind map graphicly as it's made for.
For my needs, i think it would be perfect to use the markdown syntaxe and add a link to a note for an item of the map, it would be great !

So i'm considering to do a pluggin, but i'm far from it...

For now, i try thing with this tutorial Getting started with plugin development | Joplin ... it's electron so...

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Be brave! It's very interesting.

a little update :

for what i can see, there is a TON of mindmap implementation, even in markdown.

Now, i'm not so sure about the intrest of using any implementation in any language or even uml approche.

PlantUML is great, but you need to write your map...it's not my need :wink:

I was thinking to use the mm format, from freeplane and freemap, but i dont like using this apps, it's powerfull, but very complex. Too much for me.

I tried XMIND, witch disapointed me, so site tell it's open source, but not...
And the free version doesn't export to markdown.

But it was intrestring. There is an "preview" option with realy looks like a note...

So i think i will choose this path and replicate it with md syntax or other joplin's capacity. I'm even thinking about making liked notes. Or make it an option to choose.

That's the easy part.

The complexity is for the GUI part...of course. For now, i dont understand all the component of joplin, so i will see witch framework is used, then if i can do what i have in mind easyly, if not, i will search for a framwork to do it fast.
And i absolutly need dynamic CSS, so i need to learn. And chose right.
I'm not a good dev, it would probably be a bloatware...i hope someone will help me to make a good code :slight_smile:

Long long time ago, i was breafly a web dev, when we used massively php/mysql/html 4/CSS/JS. Electron is basicly that, so i try :wink:


The following implementation of a MindMap-Editor storing Markdown could be interesting to create such a plugin for Joplin as well:

Would that cover, what you are looking for?

Using it could also result in a potential compatibility of the created Markdown, which could be a big plus.