Adding mind map diagran using Plantuml plugin

Sometimes, I am taking notes based on some analyses do drawing a mind map diagram. I was looking for a way to keep this mapping without keeping it as an attachment. It is true in some cases we can use the Graph UD plugin to be able to see and relate these notes as mind map diagrams, I am looking for a way to capture the first approach as a reference. After checking all the threads talking or asking about this feature I would like to share it is possible thanks to the integration PlantUML plugin Thanks to all that made it possible to add this plugin in Joplin.


Great! This mind map idea is nice. Is there a tutorial on how to make mind maps in Joplin?

Hi @pboxcapour
I do not know if there is any but in fact this is a PlantUML integration with Joplin, if you want to build any mind map diagram or other diagram supported by PlantUML I recommend to visit or go directly to PlantUML Language Reference Guide on PlantUML Language Reference Guide, to find the way to write the supported diagram that you want. at least I could do some of them in Joplin using this guide as reference.

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Thank you so much, Eduardo, that is what I'll do.

It's so useful! But Joplin fails to work and prompts "Joplin encountered a fatal error and could not continue..." when I try some complex plantUML examples.