Sync switch from Nextcloud to new Nextcloud server


I`m using Joplin portable to sync to Nextcloud webdav as a sync target.

I will switch my Nextcloud installation to a new server the next weeks and must switch the joplin sync target for that reason as well.

I had this in mind. Will this work without loosing data and the need of resync (> 2GB of data with several clients).

  1. Sync all clients
  2. Stop possibility of all clients to sync
  3. Backup of all synced file on Nextcloud => entire Joplin folder
  4. Copy this entire Joplin folder from old Nextcloud server to new Nextcloud server.
  5. Change webdav address on all Joplin client to the new NC Server
  6. Sync all clients

If I got that right, with this there should be no reason for any resyncs or data loss and also file encryption should be fine.

Is this true, or did I miss a step?


Yes sounds OK, but make also a JEX backup.

I did not find the time before to do this.
Would this also be possible, because it safes a lot of time:

scp -r -p user@host:/path/to/old/Joplin /var/nc_data/path/to/new/Joplin

I tested it and the timestamps are also copied.

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