Master key is not loaded (Android and iOS after enabling encryption)

i enabled encryption following the manual on a linux-PC with 2.4.9 Joplin. It just worked fine. Joplin syncs via nextcloud. After that i synced an android mobile (Joplin 2.6.8). I was asked the password an entered it.
Now it says:
Error: Could not encrypt item XXX Master key is not loaded: YYY.

On top the app asks me to define the password, but there everything seems to be ok: The one and only key is "loaded", the only thing i can do is to deactivate encryption.
The same on the iOS device: "Press to set the decryption password."
Both apps say encryption is activated and state decrypted objects: 577/577.
It seems to be the same case as Master key is not loaded (Android)
Everything accessible is readable on every device, but new items just don't sync anymore.
Did I do anything wrong?
Thanks for your help!

First make sure you update all apps to the latest version, and try again. Several things have been improved for E2EE in recent versions.

Thanx a lot Laurent for your reply! As you recommended, I installed the nev versions. Now it's Version 2.6.10 (Linux-PC) and a completely new installed Android App 2.6.9 by using the apk provided on this website. I deactivated encryption and activated it again.
Unfortunately the problem persists. Synchronisation test is fine. Linux does synchronise and encrypts. The Android device still states: "Error: Could not encrypt item XXX: Mater key is not loaded: YYY.
But in the Encryption Configs the Status seems fine:

Do you have any ideas?
Thx a lot for all your work and this great application your developing!! :slight_smile:

What's yyy?

You are fast! :slight_smile:

That's strange because the key is indeed there. How about on the desktop app? Is there only one key and is it enabled?

Now it says on the desktop app, the key is enabled and active, but it's not valid? How can i change that? Enter the password doesn't make any difference.

So, i have no idea, why it didn't work out. I set up everything new from scratch and now it works fine. Here's what i did:

  1. Deactivated encryption
  2. Backed everything up (export to JEX)
  3. Set synchronisation target to "none".
  4. Deleted all Joplin apps on all devices.
  5. Installed Joplin on the Desktop-PC (Linux).
  6. Imported the JEX-Folder.
  7. Created a empty folder in the cloud as the new synchronisation target and accordingly configured the synchronisation target in Joplin configurations.
  8. Activated encryption.
  9. Synced (serveral times)
  10. Now installed Joplin on the 2nd device, set up the new synchronisation target and synced. Enter encryption password when asked. Synced (serveral times).
  11. Repeat 10. one by one with other devices.
    By doing that, the old encryption key disappeared, so it looks quite clean in the encryption settings.

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