Mass convert BMP

I imported several thousand Evernote notes. For the most part, things look good. Some notes (web captures) have BMP files, which Joplin shows as a link, instead of the image. Is there a way automatically to find and convert all BMP's to PNG, delete the BMP link in the note, then insert the PNG so it displays?

I don't think there is.
And what kind of link are you talking about? A http link, internal Joplin link, or something else?

It looks like this:


And what does it look like in the MD view?

Even though this looks like it's just an URL to some bmp somewhere else (i.e. not in Joplin.)

I don't care what it looks like in markdown. The point is, a PNG or JPG displays inline, in the WYSIWYG editor, but a BMP displays as a link.

After doing a search, I see that there is not an unmanageable quantity of BMP's, so I'll just convert them all individually.

That isn't the point. Joplin stores everything as markdown so inspecting the markdown view tells you why it is displayed one way when you might expect it to display in another. I just suspect bitmaps just aren't supported to display inline if otherwise it is all normal.


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