Marking doubt/revisit points in notes


I'm new to Joplin and am using: Joplin 2.9.17 (prod, win32)

I have a couple of doubts on how to mark a few things

  1. If I want to mark a question that I must later look for an answer to, is there any other option other than to mark it as a task?
    If, it is tasks, then, is there a way to have categories of tasks?

  2. How do I mark a task as did not do/failed to do/incomplete?


Hello @udaybhaskar,

Perhaps you could create and use tags to mark notes that you need to revisit? You could search for that tag and get a list of relevant notes. You could also delete the tag from any note where it is no longer required or appropriate? This method would allow you to track different situations by using tags of different names.

I hope you find something that works for you.

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Hi @johano ,

Thanks for your response.
I do that currently, but its cumbersome.
In a big note, I would have my doubts/questions dispersed around.

If there was a way to collate just those (like todo's) and easily reach them, it would be great. As of now am depending on todo's.

Embedded tags would do the job for me.
I also did not get when you mentioned note tag. I was not aware that I could use anchor points within the note!


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