Question (maybe feature request) - When linking Joplin todo's see the status of them


I recently moved from a paper GTD system to using Joplin for my set-up. It really works amazing for a GTD set-up consisting of Notebooks, Tags, notes and todo items. (When I find some time I want to write a longer forum post about my setup).

Something I think works really well in Joplin is the interal linking system.
E.G. I have a main project note with all information for the project like outcome and such things. Inside that document I can also do Markdown linking to all my "todo's" I have created in Joplin.

That all works great then I can quickly see all tasks needed to be done for the project in one place. However, something that would make it even better (at least for me. :)) would be if todo's linked in Joplin showed the current status of them as well. Is it finished or not.

In the image you see that one of the todo is marked as done and the other one isn't. It would be super cool to see that reflected in the note automatically. Currently I make all these links into todo's and I go in and mark them as done there as well, however, if that would be reflected by the link that would just be magic! :slight_smile:



+1 I would love this feature! Also would be awesome if the link could stay synced with the title of the linked note.

a write up on your system would indeed be interesting. I personally struggle without nested tags. I am trying to implement the secret weapon in Jolpin. Bear in mind I have never implemented any GTD before

why manually link notes to a main project page? I would tag the tasks with a project tag. create your tasks, drag them onto the project tag. this would be faster than linking them. then, you can view status by clicking on the project tag.