Best way to carry over or view unfinished todo tasks

Not a bug, but a how to best use Joplin…

My scenario is that I create a new note for each day, some with TODO’s on them. And trying to find a better way to do my work by having some way to show the incomplete tasks. Might be really easy, but not sure how to create a workflow where I can ‘catch up’ on unfinished todo’s in my pages.

Any thoughts, and for reference I have been using Joplin for about 4 days not so I’m likely to have missed something that does something like this.



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Hello @SandyG , welcome!

I have a similar flow with a note per day. I haven't found a way to automate this, but I make the first step of making my daily note copying over the todos and reorganizing based on priority / what I finished.

I do use a template for the "daily" note that reminds me to do this (among other things). :slight_smile:

Not sure if that helps, would be curious to hear how others have solved.

I should create a simple template like that as part of my daily chore. I was looking at one of the menu options on the menu View->Show Incomplete Todo's on top drop down. Not exactly sure yet how to use it or if it's the right way to try when you have a lot of Todo's.

The way it looks like is you can have a list of Todo's sit at the top of your notes list. As best I can describe it as a Todo is more like a a page, and seems to kinda' do what I'm looking for but is cumbersome with a lot of Todo's.

Also I may be misunderstanding the role of a checkbox vs. a Todo. I think a checkbox is more of a simple state indicator but nothing really to help organize and not anything special besides mark up.

More learning I think :slight_smile:

Thanks for your tips as well, I think I'm going to have to do something simple like carry them over.


Yes, that is correct about checkboxes vs todos.

In my case I make a “todo” for the day and then make checklists inside of that. Each day I copy / curate the checklists into the new todo and mark the previous day’s todo as done. Basically for me a “todo” means a note that has action items (checklists) remaining. Once a todo is cleared of action items, I mark it as done. I have the incomplete todo’s at the top of the list, so it’s easy to find. One thing I wish existed was a way to view all incomplete todo’s across notebooks. Right now i have to click into different notebooks to find them.

Would love to hear how your system ends up!

Yeah, I think it’s going to be something partially like you have going. I think I will have ‘Items’ per day, one is a Page for notes, and related and the other one is one for Todo’s. I’ll try moving ‘check boxes’ that along from Todo in 2 sections, possibly Today, Previous with a link to the old Todo for reference.

Have to start playing. Just in conversation, the talking it out has cleared a bunch of questions on how it works.

I see a couple of templates helping a lot with keeping things consistent but expect still a fair amount of copy and pasting…

Thanks, and once I get better at this I’ll let you know if I found anything better to help.


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