Add tables to the toolbar

hi all,

as I'm using Joplin not because it uses Markdown but is a great peace of software I want to ask for table support in the toolbar.

If there are any questions or I overlooked a post asking for this please give me a hint :wink:

I thougt of something like that:


That would be useful but would need to be specified.

If a specification is mentioned, I would love to implement this.

As a first step I think it would be handy if you can create a table by marking boxes in a pop up window there you can have a look at an implementation of this idea:

Perfect this looks neat i can implement this.

Wow cool :+1:

In addition some ideas probably worth to take into account when implementing, but the last word belongs to @laurent

  • adding a row/column to an existing table
  • adding a header to an existing table
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Alright, @nr458h I'll keep that in mind :smiley:

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I am thinking of implementing something like this

Should I go ahead with the same @laurent @CalebJohn @nr458h


In my humble opinion, this could be a great idea (and mo'better if implemented both on desktop and laptop version) !! Go on! :slight_smile:

Go ahead, this has been requested many times.

Yes, it would be great, but to maximise your chance of getting it merged:


@rishabh.malhotra Are you working on this?

Yes @coderrsid I am working on this and i have made quite a bit of progress with the same!

Great. As some more users were reporting for the addition of this feature. Looking forward to this being implemented :smiley:

hey everyone i made a rough implementation of the same here, do let me know if I should change something,any feedback is highly appretitated @bedwardly-down @PackElend


This looks really cool. One suggestion I would have is to put the Rows and Columns at the top of the dialog, and also to change it to rows x columns type.

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basically I like it, click move click done, very straight forward.

I have to agree that the button should not move

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It looks great and i do want to suggest something here which is the option to add columns/rows before and after like in note table and a draggable column (maybe :stuck_out_tongue:) .


@laurent should I go on adding this to Joplin because I don’t want to add something which will not get merged or is not required.

Table button should be add to the markdown editor, like fenced code block, to make it equal to the WYSIWYG editor, which seems to be a kind of abandoned now :wink:
Seriously, tables is the most annoying things to do in Markdown, and a functional button to access to composition of table would be a great thing.