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Add tables to the toolbar

hi all,

as I’m using Joplin not because it uses Markdown but is a great peace of software I want to ask for table support in the toolbar.

If there are any questions or I overlooked a post asking for this please give me a hint :wink:

I thougt of something like that:

That would be useful but would need to be specified.

If a specification is mentioned, I would love to implement this.

As a first step I think it would be handy if you can create a table by marking boxes in a pop up window
https://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables there you can have a look at an implementation of this idea:

Perfect this looks neat i can implement this.

Wow cool :+1:

In addition some ideas probably worth to take into account when implementing, but the last word belongs to @laurent

  • adding a row/column to an existing table
  • adding a header to an existing table
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Alright, @nr458h I’ll keep that in mind :smiley:

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I am thinking of implementing something like this

Should I go ahead with the same @laurent @CalebJohn @nr458h


In my humble opinion, this could be a great idea (and mo’better if implemented both on desktop and laptop version) !! Go on! :slight_smile:

Go ahead, this has been requested many times.

Yes, it would be great, but to maximise your chance of getting it merged: