Make the "about" window's text selectable

Hello everyone,

when debugging things in Joplin I have to give the version info. However, the text in the Help > About Joplin window is not selectable. Is this universal or just a quirk of my OS and/or desktop environment?


It would me much easier if I could just copy and paste to give the developers a complete picture of what version I’m running. No fancy stuff needed, just being able to select the text.

Also: should this topic be here or in “feature requests”?

in Mac OS, the ‘about’ text is selectable.

Copyright © 2016-2020 Laurent Cozic
Joplin 1.0.193 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 807a5681427b4a6caaf4adc5e5ea6c7f
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 28

Révision : 58e2d7b (master)

It's the same for me. I think it's due to the behaviour of Electron upon which Joplin desktop is built, so there is probably not much we can do.

@tessus has suggested an alternative that might be a good workaround until then: Add more info to the "Unknown profile version" dialog box · Issue #2280 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Yes, it must be an OS thing. I can still select and copy text in the About box on macOS.

Please note that the version is printed to the console. I can also add the other info: Client ID, Sync Version, Profile Version to the output as well.

I understand Laurent’s reluctance to automatically put that info in the clipboard. Some people might object that their clipboard is manipulated automatically. Especially the one who don’t use a clipboard manager.

I think you also suggested a “Copy” to clipboard button.

Yep, but Laurent mentioned that a Copy button would make the code more complex and he was not convinced to sign off on it. So adding the other info to the console output might be a good workaround.

But I’m more than happy to create a PR for the Copy button though. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Yes, agree.

Oh, I didn’t realise it had been declined already.

I'm happy to see a discussion, but if there are more important things, then don't hesitate and do those others :sweat_smile: It was more of a question :sweat_smile:

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Not outright declined I think, but he was showing some reluctance. I'll create a PR in a bit and let's see what happens. If not, we can always add the info to the console output.

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